Water Rescue Training, Deployment, and Equipment

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​​Gulf States Dive and Rescue

WE NOW HAVE GIFT CERTIFICATES!  Don't know what to get that crazy First Responder of  yours! Well, here ya go!. Someone going to into the hot zone  almost always wishes they had their own gear. You know how it acts, it's history as well as how it's lasps, connections, belts and connections fit in zero visibility environments.  What about training? There are several levels of training you can help with. Give us a call or drop us a note on the pay here page let us answer your questions!

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Sporting Events

25+ Live or televised events including Offshore Super Series and Power Boat International cigarette boat racing exceeding speeds of over 200mph, local boat races and triathlons with experience with over 3,000 participants in the water at the same time.

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Gulf States Dive and Rescue is a 501(c)(3) not for profit whose mission it is to help reduce the burden on government in preparation, training and response to flooding and water related emergencies by providing training, equipment and sound judgment based on years of experience from working in the field of water rescue and professional marine Safety . 

​Our courses are certification courses back and supported by the Public Safety Diving Association and Water Rescue Inc (PSDA) , the Independent Diving Educators Association (IDEA) or The Professional Association of Diving Instructors. (PADI).  These are internationally recognized courses that meet NFPA, POST, OSHA, ANSI,  WRSTC and RSTC (based on the specific course that it applies to). This means that PSDA and GSDR will stand by your training.

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Gulf States Dive and Rescue Contacts- ​Main: 504-362-5731​ Fax: 504-361-4884

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A little more about us

Jay Watt

Over a dozen volunteer missions

Including the successful recovery of United States Naval Aviator Inst, Lt. Clinton Wermers when his plane landed in Lake Pontchartrain.

John Brown

Gulf States Dive and Rescue, established in 2009

Marine Coordinator, 

​​Key Marine Safety or Safety Diver on over 55 productions watching over actors such as Kevin Costner, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and many more. 

11 named storms (14 details)

as well as the May 8 & 9th, 1995 flood of New Orleans and March 12, 2016 flooding of St. Tammany LA. National recognition for Paul Fraser in Washington D.C. for rescues made immediately after Hurricane Katrina.

Josh Leblanc