​​​Commercial/Industrial and Petro-Chemical Marine Safety Stand-by

​Gulf States Dive and Rescue also provides Marine Safety stand-by for private requests for various industries. GSDR can provide consultation and evaluation of your risk based on elevation, stability, river hydrology and your location as well as the activity planned. We will coordinate with your safety department to ensure that all site rules are adhered to while we are on your site, including TWIC requirements. We will also coordinate with local emergency services, river traffic control as well as with the United States Coast Guard if necessary.

​Our team members are Nationally Registered EMTs, paramedics, nurses and first responders. Depending on the nature of the request,  we can provide advanced level medical care. Regardless of whether or not advanced level medical care is necessary for your particular site, every team has the ability to provide  basic EMT level care with medical over site provided by our Board Certified Physician  through an urgent care center located .     

We can provide:

         Dock support- 

We can stock your dock or shore location with life rings, rope bags, reach devices and if necessary additional personal floatation devices.

        Rescue support on your vessels-

Rescuer placement on your vessels. We can evaluate your USCG Licensed Captain operated  vessel for appropriateness of rescue and staff and stock your vessel with the necessary equipment needed. Some restrictions apply. 

​       Complete Autonomous Stand-by

​GSDR can arrive on your site with our own, self contained  rescue vessel that keeps us off your docks, vessels or structures.  

Our goal is to be seen and not heard. We want to come in quietly, mind our business, give your employees the confidence to work without worry and watch your employees backs and leave.

​GSDR has been providing Marine Safety for various entities since 2005. One thing we have learned over the years, is no matter how benign a site may appear to be, there is always the potential for catastrophic failure. Many times with multiple complications and victims. We come in with that mind set. We have the experience and judgment to reduce your liability exposure and do it quietly.

This is brief description of what we can provide. There are many variations and there is no detail that is exactly the same. Please call  or email to discuss the specific details of your needs.  (504).382.1097 or Paul@diveandrescue.org

Gulf States Dive and Rescue maintains Professional and General Liability as well as Workers Compensation. We do not discriminate against race, creed, color sex or religious beliefs.   




Bogalusa Boat Races Bogalusa, Louisiana

Once in 2013, three times in 2012, once in 2011 (inaugural season). Provided event rescue assessment, plans, personnel, boats, top water rescue personnel. 
Premier Event Management- Ironman Triathlon. New Orleans, LA.

As many as 3000 swimmers of various levels and capabilities in the water at the same time. Inaugural year was 2009. We have been the primary resource for planning and response used within the swim course for one race in 2009, two races in 2010, three races in 2011, two races in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015  and four 2016.

Cigarette/Power Boat Racing- Provided in-course water rescue resources for races in Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana. (Kenner, LA) for Super Boat International and Off Shore Super Series  . Covering 12 mile+ courses with  boats that can exceed 200 mph. Our team provided rescue boats, top water rescue, helicopter dispatched rescue swimmers and quick rescue extrication teams. 

WE NOW HAVE GIFT CERTIFICATES!  Don't know what to get that crazy First Responder of  yours! Well, here ya go!. Someone going to into the hot zone  almost always wishes they had their own gear. You know how it acts, it's history as well as how it's lasps, connections, belts and connections fit in zero visibility environments.  What about training? There are several levels of training you can help with. Give us a call or drop us a note on the pay here page let us answer your questions!

Water Rescue Training, Deployment, and Equipment

Office: 504362 5731   Fax: 504-361-4884

Public Service


2017- Hurricane Harvey-

Provided rescue teams to Orange County Texas.

2012- Hurricane Isaac-

Our team was picked up on an MOU with Louisiana Task Force 1 for response to potentially 30,000 residents in the path of a potential dam failure in MS at Percy Quinn Dam.   (Flood rescue capacity, team)
2012- Hurricane Isaac-

Provided rescue teams for local resources in the New Orleans area.   (Flood rescue capacity, team)
2011 Hurricane Irene-

Jamaica, VT, toured damage  from Hurricane Irene with Emergency Manager. Damage assessment of post hurricane damage to local geography and river bed changes due to high water and debris flows.
2008- Hurricane Gustave

Cooperative agreement with the New Orleans Fire Dept. to provide additional resources (Flood rescue capacity, team)
2008- Hurricane Gustave

Response to residential flooding in Plaquemines parish from levee seepage. Arrived 1 and a half hours before any other additional outside resources could arrive. (Flood rescue capacity, team)
2008- Hurricane Ike

Provided additional flood rescue coverage for Jefferson Parish, by request, on the West Bank at the Harvey Canal. The A.C.E had been working to build up the Harvey Canal against flooding but had not completed the work yet. Jefferson Parish (Lafitte, LA.) was experiencing severe flooding that required much of the area resources. (Flood rescue capacity, team)
2007- Hurricane Humberto

Director of Operations, EMS, tropical storm conditions in New Orleans, La. (EMS Management capacity)
2005- Hurricane Rita

Deployed to areas in TX and LA prior to and following landfall of this storm. Deployed from the Reliant Astro Dome and Ford Center in Houston TX and Baton Rouge, LA Staging to areas including: Liberty TX, Columsneil TX, Orange Co. TX,  Cameron Parish LA, Plaquemines Parish,  LA, Abita Springs, LA., to name a few. (EMS capacity, evacuation)
 2005- Hurricane Katrina 

Recognized nationally in Washington D.C. for boat and helicopter rescues immediately following hurricane. (Star of Life Award 2006, Residential Flood Rescue and Tulane Hospital Evacuation)
2002- Hurricane Lili

Field Paramedic, Tropical Storm conditions Plaquemines Parish, La. (EMS capacity, evacuation)
2001- Tropical Storm Alison

Paramedic, Plaquemines Parish La.  (EMS capacity, evacuation)
1998- Hurricane Georges 

Communications Manager at A-Med Ambulance Service organizing contract evacuations and deployment missions set forth by the Director of Operations. (EMS capacity, evacuation)
1997- Hurricane Danny- 

Field Paramedic New Orleans Health Dept. EMS 911 service (EMS capacity)
1996- Hurricane Josephine- Street Paramedic Priority EMS, 911 service in St. Bernard Parish. (EMS capacity)


​Movie/TV/Video Marine Safety Stand-bys

​For the only three seasons, so far, in the books, Gulf States Dive and Rescue has been the preferred Marine Safety team for the television show, NCIS: New Orleans on CBS. Our experience spans over a decade of Marine Safety in the motion picture industry. With affiliations with both the local International Association of Theatrical Employees, (IATSE 478) as well as the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), we have worked very closely with  Directors, Producers, UPMs and Production Coordinators.

​We also have a strong history of working with local and distant Stunt Coordinators to maintain the safety of crew and actors during dangerous stunts that often require meticulous preparation, appropriate equipment and seamless response to ever changing conditions.  

​Occupying the positions of Marine Coordinators, Key Marine Safety, Rescue Divers, Utility Divers, Boat Operators and even getting made up and put in the scenes with actors, we have extensive experience working in constantly challenging locations, weather and unique circumstances.

NCIS: New Orleans Season-2       2016 Key Marine Safety
Roots, Malachi Kirby                   2015/2016 Key Marine Safety
Mena 2nd Unit, Tom Cruise         2015 Asst Marine Coordination
Ozark Shark                                2015 Marine Coordination
Scream Queens                           2015 Marine Safety
Bad Lands                                   2015 Marine Coordinator
Zoo                                             2015 Key Marine Safety
Quarry                                        2015 Water Safety
When The Bough Brakes              2015 Water Safety
My Invisible Sister                       2015 Water Safety
Astronaut Wives Club                  2015 Water Safety
NCIS: New Orleans Season-1        2015 Key Marine Safety
Man Down, Shia LeBeouf             2014 Utility Marine
Kidnap, Halle Berry                     2014 Water Safety
Get Hard, Will Ferrell                 2014 Key Marine Safety
American Horror Story Season 4   2014 Water Safety

Swamp Hunters                           2014 Marine Safety
Don’t Mess with Texas                 2014 Marine Safety
Mississippi Grind, Ryan Reynolds  2014 Marine Safety (St. Louis, MO)
Popeyes Commercial                   2014 Marine Safety
Chicks                                         2014 Marine Safety
Self/Less, Ryan Reynolds             2013 Marine Safety
American Horror Story, Season 3  2013 Marine Coordination
Black/White, Kevin Costner          2013 Safety Diver
Swamp Murders                            2013 Safety Diver
HBO True Detectives                    2013 Key Marine Safety
HBO Treme Season 4,                   2013 Marine Safety
Twelve Years a Slave (reshoots)    2013 Marine Safety Team Cord.
Now You See Me (reshoots)           2012 Marine Safety
The Look-A-Like                            2012 Marine Safety
Percy Jackson 2, Logan Lerman     2012 Key Marine Safety
Homefront                                    2012 Key Marine Safety
The Tomb, Stallone, Schwarzene   2012 Key Marine Safety
HBO Treme Season 3,                    2012 Marine Safety
Parker, Jason Statham.                 2011 Water Rescue
Bullet to the Head Stallone            2011 Key Marine Safety

Popeye’s Chicken Commercial        2011 Marine Safety
HBO Treme Season 2 (3 episodes)   2011 Water Safety
Contraband, Mark Wahlberg           2011 Marine Safety
Jeff Who Lives at Home, Sega        2010 Marine Safety
The Fields                                      2009 Marine Safety Coordinator.
RED, Bruce Willis, John Malkovich   2009 Marine Safety
The Mechanic, Jason Statham         2009 Key Marine Safety
The Expendables                            2009 Water safety
The Patriot, Forrest Whitaker         2009 Marine Safety
Final Destination IV, Nick Zano       2008 Water Safety
The Librarian 3, Brendan Fraser      2008 Marine Safety
Music Vid "Free Love" Sheryl Crowe  2007 River Consultant
HBO K-Ville (4 episodes)                  2007 Marine Safety
Jack Ass 2 (shark dives) Steve O       2007 Dive Rescue/Paramedic

Deja Vue, Denzel Washington          2007 Marine Safety, Utility Diver
Spring Break ’83                             2007 Dive Team
Factory Girl, Sienna Miller               2005 Water Safety
Vampire Bats, Lucy Lawless             2005 Marine Safety


Gulf States Dive and Rescue, a not for profit, was born from a for private organization after seeing the difficulty some areas had preparing for future storms after Hurricane Katrina. Our organization was asked to help provide additional flood rescue support by a local government prior to Hurricane Gustave's land fall in 2008. After that deployment, we decided to create Gulf States Dive and Rescue, re-dedicate our resources and cross our team over to the not for profit and become an official resources to better serve the community. 

Our motto has always been "Do the right thing, for the right reasons", but more specifically our mission is to help reduce the burden of government during times of aquatic emergencies by offering resources, trained personnel, experience based judgment. ... Even doing the ugly grunt work if requested to do so.  

​In 2009 Gulf States Dive and Rescue was established. This is our groups history and experience which brings the judgment you may want or need for your area or mission. 

Private Requests

Deployments, Details and Equipment


(outside of tropical conditions)

March 2016

Requested by Bogalusa, LA. Police Department to assist with wide spread flooding. Provided two rescue boat teams.  
August 2012

Requested by Louisiana Task Force 1 to assist in the search of John Doe boating accident in locked canal 2012. Dive and Rescue search team coordinator.

February 2012

Plane recovery Lake Pontchartrain Louisiana. Search and Recovery Manager
November 2011

Plane recovery Lake Pontchartrain. Search and Recovery Manager
June 2011 

Arkansas Fire Boat Academy. During competition, team broke away & conducted rescues of multiple victims of a canoe/tubing accident. Team Received

"Best Small Boat Crew" award.  (Gabe King, Chris Harvey)
April 2011

Requested by LA. State Fire Marshall's Office (Joel Domangue). Our team agree to be put on state wide stand-by for flooding and levee concerns after unprecedented MS. River rise in 2011. Team Manager/Coordinator.

March 2011

First team on scene, by request of the New Orleans Fire Department for search  of two brothers believed to have drowned in Lake Pontchartrain. Team Coordinator

Richard Veazey, On site Search Supervisor
March 2011

Requested by New Orleans Harbor Police.       

Three search teams provided for Jim Dugan in Mississippi River after wharf collapse. Search Team Leader
January 2011

Requested by New Orleans contractor to tag, rig and assist in the removal of 38 targets designated as a threat to life, property or commerce by USCG Dec 2010/Jan 2011, Team Manager

January 2010
Requested by New Orleans Fire and United States Navy.

Search and Recovery of US Naval Aviator after plane crash.

Lake Pontchartrain, Team Manager.

August 2004
1st Mission: New Orleans Fire Dept. for search and recovery of New Orleans Fire Fighter EJ Fredricks on Lake Pontchartrain. Dive Team Coordinator.

May 8 & 9 1995

Flooding of New Orleans metropolitan area. 80% of area was flooded. Working for Priority EMS, 911service in St. Bernard Parish, as the sole south shore dispatcher, coordinated EMS units and working with surrounding parishes to maintain consistent coverage within St. Bernard Parish and assisting Orleans Parish. 

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​​Gulf States Dive and Rescue