​​​​​​​​​​SWIFT WATER/FLOOD RESCUE - Public Safety Diving Association and Water Rescue USA certification course. Taught by certified instructors and backed internationally. Watermanship Assessment is required for this certification. Minimum numbers apply. Deposit required to order books and materials. 

NOTE: Individuals may participate in Awareness OR Operations OR Technician - OR can take all three levels at once. Call 504-362-5731 for details.  

​​Aware-Tech classes will begin March 2018. Register now!

- Please note, Gulf States Dive and Rescue nor the Public Safety Diving Association and Water Rescue USA recognizes SWFR training provided by anyone not certified as an instructor, not backed through a recognized agency or is unrecognized in the swift water community. We do not recognize home brewed programs at all.  If you take a course though one of these agencies, such as the agency in south MS or north LA, it will not yield a certification and progess through their program will not make you eligible for continuing education through GSDR - IF you were deceived by one of these organizations, and realize they did not provide what you were looking for, please call our office. You will be asked to provide a copy of that certificate and a discount will be made available to you that will allow you to receive the experienced based training we provide and get you up to speed for continuation through the Technician program.

​Watermanship skills vary from course to course and generally consists of a swim of either 200m or 300m. In most cases it is an untimed swim, using any stroke or any combination of strokes. Please call for details.

Gulf States Dive and Rescue has experience providing a number of services.

Marine Safety Coordination, Consultation and Assessments:

​GSDR can provide complete Marine Safety Coordination for your event or production. Whether you need individual stand-by safety or life guard services around a pool, or a large event with thousands of people in the water at the same time. We have the training, practice, experience and judgement to provide the safety you need and expect.

As Marine Safety Coordinators for television, feature films and sporting events, we are often required to watch over large numbers of stunt persons, actors, crew, extras and participants.  Often this requires significant planning, preparation, specialty equipment, resources and coordination. When working along moving water it requires an intimate understanding of hydrology and fore thought as to how you want to carry out a rescue in a worst case scenario involving that same hydrology.


Many times stunts carry with it a level of danger  and risk you hope your crews will never have to experience.  But isn't it nice to know the instructor who taught your guys, is passing that knowledge and experience to your teams?

As First Responders on duty during 11 named storms that impacted New Orleans, LA and Houston, TX. and by invitation of an Emergency Manager in Vermont after Hurricane Irene, as well as significant weather training events dating farther back than the May 9th and 10th flood of 1995, we bring that experience to you.     

​Our team members are marine safety professionals, medical first responders, paramedics, fire fighters and law enforcement officers with local departments. Many, including Richard Veazey, Chris Vogels and Paul Fraser have won local and national recognition for water rescues made in this area. 

The majority of our team member are multidisciplined responders trained not just in Swift Water/Flood Rescue, but also as Rescue Swimmer 3, Rescue Boat Operators and on their personal time or in other professions, public safety divers and active scuba instructors. 

​​​​​​​RESCUE BOAT OPERATOR - Public Safety Diving Association and Water Rescue USA certification course. Taught by certified instructors and backed internationally. Watermanship Assessment is required for this certification. Minimum numbers apply. Deposit required to order books and materials. 

Rescue Boat courses with swift water will begin in March 2017. Reserve your spot now!

​​​​​​​​RESCUE SWIMMER 3 - Public Safety Diving Association and Water Rescue USA certification course. Taught by certified instructors and backed internationally. Watermanship Assesment is required for this certification. Minimum numbers apply. Deposit required to order books and materials. 

​Rescue Swimmer final reservations and logistics are being confirmed to begin classes in Jan 2018

​​​​MARINE SAFETY ELEMENTS (C)- Gulf States Dive and Rescue brings it's training, practice experience and judgment to the petrochemical and industrial realm by offering critical ,experience based training that helps meet OSHA requirements for work over or around the water. Minimum numbers apply. Deposit required to order books and materials. There are no prerequisites for this class and no watermanship skills or swim required.

​GSDR is can also provide experienced based consultation of your risks, considering river hydrology, geography, foot print and other factors. 

Courses can also be hosted on your site and scheduled to fit your needs

Water Safety and Survivability (c)

Response Boat Operations (c)


​​​COURSES: Rescue Swimmer 3 - Rescue Boat Operator - Swift Water/Flood Rescue - Marine Safety Elements for the Work Place(c) - SCUBA

DONT SEE WHAT YOU NEED?   We invite you to host your own program.

​Hosting agencies are eligible for incentives as well as  discounts on equipment through our equipment partners. Give us a shout on the contact page for more information.

WE NOW HAVE GIFT CERTIFICATES!  Don't know what to get that crazy First Responder of yours! Well, here ya go!. Someone going to into the hot zone  almost always wishes they had their own gear. You know how it acts, it's history as well as how it's lasps, connections, belts and connections fit in zero visibility environments.  What about training? There are several levels of training you can help with. Give us a call or drop us a note on the pay here page let us answer your questions!

Gulf States Dive and Rescue specializes in water rescue. It's what we do and this is what we teach.  There is no one in the Gulf South more experienced working in more diverse Marine Safety environments and teaching these classes. Period.

Classes available include:

​Water Safety Elements for the Workplace(c)

Public Safety SCUBA Diving (PSDA)

Recreational SCUBA Diving (PADI/IDEA)

Rescue Boat Operations (PSDA)

​Rescue Diver (PADI)

Rescue Swimmer 3 (PSDA)

Swift Water/Flood Rescue Technician (PSDA)

Quick Rescue Diver(c) (PSDA)

Water Safety in The Workplace(c)

Water Safety and Survivability for the Workplace(c)
Response Boat Operator for the Workplace(c)


Recreational PADI SCUBA Diving

Open Water Diver

Advanced Open Water Diver

Underwater Navigation

Search and Recovery

Dry Suit




Rescue Diver

Quick Rescue Diver (c)

Dive Master

Public Safety Diving

Public Safety Diver

Underwater Crime Scene Preservation

Body, Vehicle and Evidence Preservation and recovery, Full Face Mask, Dry Suit, Communications

NFPA standards compliant   Top Water Rescue

PSDA Rescue Boat Operations

Taught to multiple agencies over the last 5 years meeting the benchmarks for FEMA recognition as Boat Operator and Bowman as well as considerations for NIMS integration, this 24 hr certification course is offered in two 12 hour, performance based days to limit your backfill and overtime. This course provides the experience any rescue boat operator must have to more safely operate and equip rescue vessels,  negotiate swift water, approach and rescue victims from unstable platforms, self rescue and a host of other skills. Need more info? Hit us up on the contact page.


PSDA Rescue Swimmer 3

This 16 hour, performance based certification course has been taught to public safety agencies and individuals since 2011. This course gives your agency many capabilities to effect a rescue within minutes of arriving on scene. Popular with fire services, this course is also very beneficial to law enforcement agencies that routinely arrive before other emergency services. Need more info? Give us a shout from the contact page. 

Swift Water/Flood Rescue​ ​​

​This course is a comprehensive look into the Management and Response of Swift Water/Flood Rescue emergencies. This 48 hr program provides in an in depth look at flood rescue triage, the penumbra effect(c), equipment, victim recovery techniques, hydrology and many more aspects that only  experience can provide.  We prefer to teach this information in back to back days because it helps move basics skills into the subconscious while continuing to build newer skills. However, we have helped out volunteer agencies with weekend classes and departments with budget issue segmented courses. We can do the same for you.  Need more info? Please contact us via our contact page. 


​​​​​​SCUBA PROGRAMS - As a courtesy to the for profit organization that provides substantial financial support and management to our not for profit organization, we would like to make you aware of several scuba programs that will enhance the skills,  confidence and capabilities of any Public Safety Dive team. These are Public Safety Diving Association and Water Rescue USA (PSDA) or Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI) certification courses. Taught by certified and insured instructors and backed internationally and registered with the Better Business Bureau. Some of the courses include:

​Bubble Makers and other cool programs for the kids

Open Water Diver

​Advanced Open Water Diver

​Rescue Diver

​Dive Master

Quick Rescue Diver

​Underwater Crime Scene Preservation

Public Safety Diver

Dry Suit

​Underwater Navigation

​Search and Recovery

​Night Diving

Deep Diving

​Boat Diving

​Peak Performance Buoyancy ​

​Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI). Taught by certified instructors and backed internationally. Minimum numbers apply. Deposit required to order books and materials. Books should be picked up at least two weeks in advanced.

I​Open Water Diver

​Sept 16 Open Water Class

Sept 17 Pool Session

Sept 23 Vortex Springs, FL

Sept 24 Gulf of Mexico

Advanced Open Water Diver

Sept 23 Underwater Navigation, Search and Rescue, Night Dives-  Vortex Springs, FL
Sept 24 Gulf of Mexico

Rescue Diver

Public Safety Diver


​​Gulf States Dive and Rescue

Water Rescue Training, Deployment, and Equipment

Office: 504362 5731   Fax: 504-361-4884

Gulf States Dive and Rescue Training programs.  

​We provide certification training with photo and non-photo certification cards. Courses range in expiration from never, as in our recreational scuba courses, to one to three years depending on the course.

These courses are backed, monitored and approved by the Public Safety Diving Association and Water Rescue USA (PSDA), International Diving Educators Association (IDEA) and/or the Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI).

This means that your instructor had to meet personal knowledge, physical and instructional requirements to prove his understanding of the material, his practical application of the exercises and his/her ability to teach this material to those who have never been in a similar environments before.

Over site of a third party ensures your course, the experience of the instructor, as well as the curriculum and implementation of the course meets or exceeds basic standards and/or recommendations of agencies such as NFPA 1006, 1670, POST, ANSI, OSHA, RSTC and WRSTC.

Additionally, In some cases, courses are accepted for college credit or as preliminary training within the commercial industry.

There are a lot of acronyms and recommendations within the public safety diving and marine safety industry. We will be happy to help you navigate the realms of Marine Safety, Water Rescue as well as Public Safety SCUBA Diving and consultation for your site. 

How do you know if your instructor has the experience he or she wants you to believe they have? Here are some suggestions.

Ask them where their program comes from. Who wrote it and what recognized agency certifies the information as accurate?  If one of your brothers or sisters gets hurt in the line of duty or one of your team members can't save someone and the victim dies using their curriculum and techniques, who is going to back that training? Who is going to provide the legal support necessary to ensure your training doesn't come into question. That it is consistent, both in didactic and practical skills,  meets the time and material needed to be recognized as a  technical training program. Can they prove what they teach is what other prudent and experienced water rescue instructors are doing? The Public Safety Diving Association and Water Rescue USA will.


Ask your perspective instructor to meet with you. Ask him to bring comment forms from the same classes you are asking about. Ask them if you can see previous rosters. While I wouldn't allow personal info to be copied or taken, I could see how the dates, number of students and what classes were specifically taken would be helpful to a perspective Training Officer, Chief or Superintendent who wanted to verify experience.  

In our case, you can also call our certification head quarters in Jacksonville, FL or Rancho Santa Margarita, CA and verify how many certifications in what subjects have been taught by our instructors in good standing.