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June -Flood and Moving Water Rescue Mgt.

June 24 & 25 - Mission Specific Distinctive Specialty

  • Call for details
  • Operations only (Waterborne)

Service Description

New Orleans, Shreveport, LA, your city USA - The Flood and Moving Water Rescue class is 18hr NFPA1006, 1670 compliant class to the Operations Level that includes easy to understand use of rescue PPE and options applying shallow water crossings, boat rescue, adjunctive floatation devices as well as easy and quick set ups that can be applied shore to shore, off bridges, across low head dams and more. Class exceeds the NFPA criteria for Swift Water/Flood Rescue at the Operations level. This class spends significant time dedicated to the unique flood issues of the Gulf South focusing on levee, lock, dam or floodgate failure into populous as well as river topping, fuller/slower flows with less obvious hydrology as well as storm related surge and damage resulting in deep and prolonged flooding in populated areas. Practical skills in swift water rescue techniques applied to various scenarios, including structures and platforms affected by the frontal impact of moving water, are critical to saving lives stranded on those structures. This class is a must have for anyone expected to be near or participate in moving water rescue. Class meets the requirement for future advancement to the SWFR Technician level course. Minimum of 10 for this course confirmation. Ask about discounts for hosting the classroom Awareness portion. This is an open class. Student should be comfortable in the water. PPE available. No prerequisites. Deposit two weeks prior to class guarantees books and reservation.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation 14 days prior to class- 100% Refund minus cost of delivered books, equipment, materials or eLearning. Cancellation 13 days to 48hrs prior to class- 50% Refund and minus cost of delivered books, equipment, materials or eLearning. Cancellation less than 48hrs - No Refund. (Unopened books, materials and equipment refunded with receipt. No refund on eLearning).

Contact Details

+ 504-362-5731

Ste 27 1530 Lapalco Boulevard, Harvey, LA, USA

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