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Fluid Training for a Fluid Environment

We are just a group of motivated men and women first responders who saw where we could help and had the equipment and training to do so. Simply trying to do the right thing for the right reasons. Following that philosophy, it's lead us on amazing adventures, gained some crazy experience and met incredible people. We look forward to meeting you, hearing your stories and learning from your experiences!  

Gulf States Dive and Rescue would like to welcome IDEA and IDEA Public Safety professionals to our organization. Officially founded in 2009,  we were conceived under a support pillar while hunkered down with the New Orleans Fire Dept during Hurricane Gustave in 2008. But many of us have been together long before that. Several of us were "boots-on-the-flooded-ground" as far back as the May 1995 flooding of >80% of the New Orleans region. 

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GSDR looks forward to supporting American Owned, Veteran Owned US businesses. Beginning 2023, all recreational dive certifications will be offered through IDEA.  

History 2023 
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Gulf South made, Louisiana Based, Est. 2009

Gulf State Dive and Rescue

"Fluid training for a fluid environment"



GSDR offers multiple training classes to help get you and your team trained in many water based disciplines.


-Water Safety Elements for the     Workplace(c) (GSDR) including:

 Water Safety and Survivability for the   

 Work Place  

 Safety Boat Operations for the Work     

 Place (GSDR)

-Recreational SCUBA Diving  (PADI/SDI)

-Public Safety SCUBA Diving (ERDI)

-Response Boat Operations (ERDI)

-Rescue Boat Operator (IRIA)

-Rescue Diver (PADI / SDI)

-Rescue Swimmer (ERDI)

-Swift Water/Flood Rescue Technician   


-Quick Rescue Diver (GSDR)

PADI = Professional Association of Dive Instructors

IRIA = International Rescue Instructor Association 

ERDI = Emergency Response Diving International 

SDI = Scuba Diving International 

If you are interested in getting your team or yourself trained, click below, choose and schedule your classes or request to host your own classes.


Part of what we do at GSDR is community programs and even emergency response to disasters (i.e . hurricanes, floods, etc.)

Some recent examples Include: 

-Hurricane Florence, Nichols, SC

- Hurricane Harvey,  Vidor,  TX

- kiDz iN Da poOl (tm)

- Tangipahoa Parish, Residential Flood Rescue Exercise

- St Tammany Parish Sheriffs Department hosted  Polar Plunge Fund raiser for the Louisiana Special Olympics

Previous deployment history of our team members include: 

Hurricanes: Georges, Danny, Katrina, Rita, Gustave, Ike, Isaac and Harvey as well as search and recovery missions as far back  as 2004 for local agencies  such as: New Orleans Fire Department, New Orleans Harbor Police, New Orleans, LA EOC and US Navy, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and several more. 

If you would like to learn more or help with future or current events please click the "More info" button below!

If we are on a mission that you are currently watching in real time, you may offer assistance by TEXTING    

   "Mission Assistance - XXXX"         (XXXXX = Fuel, food, water, manpower,  vessels, resources)


to 504-362-5731

Example: "Mission Assistance- FUEL" 



Can you help?

If you can help us help the community please navigate to our "Want to get involved?" page here! or fill out the form to discuss volunteering options!


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Gulf States Dive and Rescue is a 501(c)(3) not for profit whose mission it is to help reduce the burden on government in preparation, training and response to flooding and water related emergencies by providing training, equipment and sound judgment based on years of experience working in the field of water rescue and professional marine safety .  


​Our courses are certification courses back and supported by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), Scuba Diving International (SDI) as well as Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI) and International Rescue Instructors Association (IRIA)  Internationally recognized courses meet or exceed the requirements, standards or guidelines set forth by  NFPA, FEMA, NIMS, POST, OSHA, ANSI,  WRSTC and RSTC (based on the specific course that it applies to). 

2000- Present

2017- Present

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2004-2017 as Regional Director


Due to consistent work and classes, 


Unavailable for appointments on weekends without prior coordination 504-382-1097

Mailing Address

400 Lapalco Blvd. #308 

Gretna, Louisiana 70056

Physical Address

1530 Lapalco Blvd Ste 27

Harvey, Louisiana 70058

Office: 504-362-5731

Fax: 504-393-1232

Deployment/Mission Request


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