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Live Bait - Swift Water/Flood Rescue Technician 

St. John Parish Fire Department, Code Red Rescue

Control and communication between Bowman and Coxswain to accomplish a task. WHALY 370 with 25hp

LATF-2 Baton Rouge  LA

crossing lines over a 100ft swift water weir

Student submitted Video of SWFR-Tech class, 

Lee Landaiche Gonzales, LA Fire Department

Live Bait, Swift Water/Flood Rescue Technician from ground perspective - Jefferson Parish Fire Departments

Caddo Fire Dist 1, Shreveport, LA

Manned boat on a midpoint drop

Learning opportunity- Team Member Barret Kendrick is the victim. Multiple agencies represented

KSLA - TV Shreveport, LA -Several agencies represented

Ascension Parish SWFR Technician IRB, Manned with Midpoint drop

Approaching an unstable platform St Tammany FPD #1, Slidell, A

Culmination of Maneuvering Skills

POTASH Companies, Geismar, LA

This is our Director of Operations and Lead Instructor in this skill. It was a timed skill by the instructor on the car. This was the best time in the class



Teaching water rescue isn't a hobby for us. Unlike some in this area and Shreveport, we welcome peer review and third party evaluation of our skills. This is the third time in two years in a row we have invited this scrutiny by 3rd party professionals. YOU DONT KNOW WHAT, YOU DONT KNOW! This goes for instructors too!

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