Live Bait - Swift Water/Flood Rescue Technician 

St. John Parish Fire Department, Code Red Rescue

LATF-2 Baton Rouge  LA

crossing lines over a 100ft swift water weir

Live Bait, Swift Water/Flood Rescue Technician from ground perspective - Jefferson Parish Fire Departments

Learning opportunity- Team Member Barret Kendrick is the victim. Multiple agencies represented

Ascension Parish SWFR Technician IRB, Manned with Midpoint drop

Culmination of Maneuvering Skills

POTASH Companies, Geismar, LA

This is our Director of Operations and Lead Instructor in this skill. It was a timed skill by the instructor on the car. This was the best time in the class



Control and communication between Bowman and Coxswain to accomplish a task. WHALY 370 with 25hp

Student submitted Video of SWFR-Tech class, 

Lee Landaiche Gonzales, LA Fire Department

Caddo Fire Dist 1, Shreveport, LA

Manned boat on a midpoint drop

KSLA - TV Shreveport, LA -Several agencies represented

Approaching an unstable platform St Tammany FPD #1, Slidell, A

St James, LA S.O. Blow out drill with complication

Teaching water rescue isn't a hobby for us. Unlike some in this area and Shreveport, we welcome peer review and third party evaluation of our skills. This is the third time in two years in a row we have invited this scrutiny by 3rd party professionals. YOU DONT KNOW WHAT, YOU DONT KNOW! This goes for instructors too!