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The Community

GSDR's roots are imbedded deep in the community, with goals focused toward reaching out and educating the surrounding areas about water safety and rescue training. GSDR has been an organized leader in water rescue long before there were any water  top water rescue teams in Louisiana. Below are a few of the activities GSDR teams or team members have been involved with

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One of many deployments from Texas to South Carolina to help storm and flood victims

Fully volunteer, community related

Fully volunteer, community related

Kids water safety program with a hint of scuba exploration mixed in

The recovery of US Naval Aviator Clinton Wermers after his T-38 with student pilot crashed in Lake Pontchartrain. ONE of many searches we've been apart of in tne NOLA area

Fully volunteer, community related

New Orleans, LA  / Tangipahoa, LA

Fully volunteer, community related

Bringing EOC, L,E, Fire, EMS, SPCA, and air support scenario based training together with 100s of responders and victims

Lake Pontchartrain Swim for Lady of the Lake Childrens Hospital

Benefit swim across Lake Pontchartrain, La to raise money for Childrens Hospital

GSDR only played a small role in this search, but when we were asked to help get a pc of equipment deployed, we were there

Fully volunteer, community related

Proud to have been asked by the library system to visit the Picayune and Poplarville, MS sites to talk about underwater fun & safety! THANK YOU!

Fully volunteer, community related

Not that long ago we were invited to participate in some Air National Guard Search and Rescue exercises. FUN TIME!

Fully volunteer, community related

Fully volunteer, community related

One Year Project for Kids Cancer

In XXXX our Director of Ops didn't cut his hair for a year. At the end, donated 22 14' pony tails for wigs for children suffering from hair loss usually from cancer treatment

Fully volunteer, community related

Movie, TV, Commercials

GSDR Team members have been on the edge of frame proving rescue stand-by on some of your favorite shows including: The Expendables, 21 Jump Street, NCIS New Orleans and many others since 2005  


Fully volunteer, community related

Fully volunteer, community related

Polar Plunge

Department of Defense

Our small part in the aquatic testing of the next generation amphibian troop transport 

Previous Deployments
Letter of appreciation

Fully volunteer, community related

Marine Safety Elements for the WorkForce

Industrial Safety & Training

Dock, Edge, Open Water, Rivers, Response Boat

The Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra hosts "Concerts in the Park", but in 2017 decided to perform on Lake Pontchartrain

Live Sporting Events

Experience coordinating large scale aquatic response for local and brand names such as Ironman, Ocshner, Off Shore Super Series, Power Boats International and Al Copeland Motor sports 

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