Residential Flood Rescue Exercise 

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September 2017 Gulf States Dive and Rescue designed, created, executed and “refereed” the largest scenario based Residential Flood Rescue Exercise in the state, possibly the Gulf south. This training brought real life challenges to First Responders to expand their experience and judgment in a fast moving flood crisis.  We coordinated directly with the Tangipahoa Parish Fire Administrator and the Tangipahoa Parish Emergency Operations Center. It involved Fire, EMS, several law enforcement, animal control units, evacuation buses, two air med services with lily pad, the United States Coast Guard and over a dozen outside emergency response agencies. Between vessels in the water, leaders in the command center, communications personnel taking real time planned 911 calls, there were over 400 first responders,  almost 100 volunteers, dozens of rescue boats and 15 unique flood rescue "challenges”, such as roof entrapment, leap frogging platforms, HAZMAT and many others that First Responder had to negotiate.

May 21st 2012, Gulf States Dive and Rescue coordinated and "refereed" the states largest scenario based flood rescue exercise this area has ever seen with 15 agencies all working together to gain experience and judgment to challenges often experienced by First Responders. Pictured here: New Orleans Fire Department hosting SPCA, USCG, and area fire and L.E. agencies. 

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