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The Mission

GSDR primarily provides water rescue training and survivability to emergency responders in public, government, petrochemical and other private arenas. However, non-responders, private individuals and in some cases, even kids, are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to train next to, learn about and understand what you can do to mitigate factors that could keep you, your family and friends safe in an a myriad of water related threats. From novice swimmers to professional helicopter rescue swimmers for international response, we have been replied upon to provide up to date, experience driven, water related training, practice and experience since before 2008. That was when we were huddled around a support pillar as small group of us. embedded with the New Orleans Fire Department as additional water rescue assets, vocalizing the need for us to be a part of the solution, to do the right thing for the right reasons. So, that day, conceived while on deployment during Hurricane Gustave, Gulf States Dive and Rescue was started.


The members of GSDR have actually been working with, training next to and offering volunteer services to local public service agencies for a number of years, opening up initially as a recreational dive shop in 2000. In 2004 we shifted to a primarily public safety scuba and water rescue related business. Our founding member has been a EMT/Paramedic in the New Orleans, LA. area since 1992 so, It was only natural that eventually his love of the water  would collided with his dedication to public safety.


Everything we do is geared toward educating the public and first responders about the danger of complacency toward flood warnings, watches or even an unlocked pool gate. We believe educating our children today is a major step in getting tomorrows adults more aware of what they can do to help prevent accidents around the water as well as what they should do when faced with a dangerous aquatic emergency.

Paul Fraser III, Founder/Instructor

Paul Fraser, Founder and Lead instructor with GSDR, is a dedicated and decorated industry leader. He has provided training and help to the community, state, and nation, with his impressive resume and top level training. Paul has training in the fire service and a 26year EMS service history. As a nationally registered Paramedic, Marine Stunt Safety  professional, Marine Coordinator, multi discipline Water Rescue instructor and certified Emergency Manager (2014-2019) he has an immense amount of experience and truly provides the best water rescue training on the Gulf Coast.

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