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U.S Navy Pilot, Search and recovery.

In January 2010 members of Gulf States Dive and Rescue, also certified public safety divers, volunteered to assisted the Orleans Parish Emergency Operations Center during the search and recovery of Naval Aviator, Lt. Clinton Wermers. Lt. Wermers was a pilot instructor for the United States Navy and was conducting a routine cross country training flight in a T34C Turbomentor that originated in Pensacola, FL. On foggy Saturday evening January 23rd, the aircraft fell off radar 1 mile north of the New Orleans Lakefront Airport. Surface searches dominated the search zone until Monday evening when local L.E. and other area dive agencies were contacted for an EOC meeting Tuesday to discuss it. Our volunteer cadre was invited to participate by the New Orleans Fire Department. A large area search was scheduled to begin 0600 Thursday morning utilizing LATF-1 and local dive teams. At the time, the volunteer team was the only team ready to immediately splash a diver, so Tuesday night with favorable conditions and the approval by EOC Manger Tim Thomasson,  we organized a search based off only the last seen radar hit and information provided by the tower. Teaming up with a salvage and recovery company we met on the lake, we began the search for the aircraft. Once the aircraft was found, Lt. Wermers was found approximately 75’ from his aircraft. The volunteers respectfully packaged and lifted Lt. Wermers  from 50 degree water on Wednesday January 27, 2010 at 1:00 in the morning. Lt Wermers was then, transported to shore and turned over to the AHJ.  Story available here:

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