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SCUBA MEDICAL- Mandatory for all SCUBA classes. If you can answer "yes" to any questions, call our shop 504-362-5731

Marine Safety Elements for  the Work Place

Boater Moving Water Handling and Survivability

Moving water, contamination, uncooperative people and animals, power lines, lack of resources and many other factors can make flooding into populous very dangerous. It is always best to evacuate well before flooding impedes your escape. However, that’s not always possible and local emergency services are often taxed creating long evacuation times and limited rescue capabilities. The newest addition to our Marine Safety Elements program, this workshop is designed to provide basic flood escape and neighbor assistance boating skills and information for civilians who decide that because of family, farm, or other challenge, it may be necessary for a civilian to remain behind until escape may require evacuation by a personal boat.

Rescue Swimmer  2020 (IRIA or ERDI)

Rescue Boat Operator   2020 (IRIA or ERDI)

Swift Water/Flood Rescue 2020 (IRIA or ERDI)

Rescue Diver - PADI Sept 2020

ERDI Emergency Response Diver 1 2020

kiDz iN Da poOl

Medical for Course

Some of the training we provide is very strenuous. If you have any concern regarding you, a family member or team member's health participating in a class, please read this medical form. If you can say "yes" to any of these questions, we will provide additional information that you and your personal physician can discuss.

This page is REQUIRED for SCUBA, Swift Water, Rescue Swimmer and Rescue Boat Operations Certification for IRIA, ERDI, SDI and PADI

It is NOT required for civilian, KiDz iN Da pool and Marine Safety Elements programs, though we do ask for our own information so that we can tailor the class to the client needs. (GSDR reserves the right to require MD consultation depending on some answers and the activity the student is enrolled)

2023 Lift Bags and SVE

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