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June 24th Swift Water/Flood Rescue Tech

NOLA area 48hr Technician class -

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Service Description

New Orleans, Shreveport, LA, your city USA - The full Swift Water/Flood Rescue class is 48hr NFPA 1006, 2500 (2022) compliant (Swiftwater Rescue Technician and Floodwater Rescue Technician), internationally recognized certification. Awareness is an 8hr performance base classroom session covering: PPE, dynamics of flood rescue, hydrology, flood channels, flood phases, special situations. resource recognition and acquisition, structural flood triage, weather considerations on missions, eight low to high rescue options and much more. Operations is 10hr performance based waterborne skills covering: PPE, scene assessment, environmental considerations, risk vs benefit, rescue bag primary and secondary deployment, defensive and offensive entry and swimming positions, shallow water crossing and victims extrication, rescue boat anatomy and boat and rope rescue skills, surface water rescue skills, self defense, strainers, fire hose rescue and more Technician is 30hr performance based waterborne, advanced scene assessment, line guns, high line boat rescue, capture devices, mechanical advantage rescue systems, waterborne swim assessment, swimming with victims (tethered and free), realistic scenarios pulled from our experiences after storms such as Katrina, Harvey, 1995 and 2016 flooding and more, followed by a written exam, practical in water skills evaluation, knots exam and illustrative descriptions exam. This class is tailored to the unique flood issue of the Gulf South focusing on levee, dam, lock or floodgate failure into populous. Deposit two weeks prior to class guarantees books and reservation. This class is a must have for anyone expected to work near or manage a flood rescue. The full 48hr class is an internationally recognized certification class backed by International Diving Educators Associations Public Safety Division. Minimum of 10 for course confirmation. This is an open class.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation 14 days prior to class- 100% Refund minus cost of delivered books, equipment, materials or eLearning. Cancellation 13 days to 48hrs prior to class- 50% Refund and minus cost of delivered books, equipment, materials or eLearning. Cancellation less than 48hrs - No Refund. (Unopened books, materials and equipment refunded with receipt. No refund on eLearning).

Contact Details

+ 504-362-5731

Ste 27 1530 Lapalco Boulevard, Harvey, LA, USA

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